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The largest manufacturer of prefabricated houses

We are a family business with a vision of continuous development and innovation. We are on hand to help you achieve your dream bespoke home to suit your lifestyle, budget and plot.

For over 25 years we have provided solutions for permanent residences, cottages, utility rooms, business and storage spaces, with consistency and professionalism. Our relationship does not end with the purchase and handover, but continues with the provision of every possible technical support and a range of services. We follow a long-standing company protocol that consists of periodical house checks, catering to fresh home desires, keeping clients’ needs at the forefront of our care. We believe in the continual customer care and the importance of ongoing contact with each client.

Your trust has established Elymet as the largest company of metal prefabricated houses and auxiliary spaces in Cyprus.

Our experienced team designs, builds and transports your home ready, securing all the necessary permits, without delays. Our modern factory in the area of Kokkinotrimithia is equipped with high-tech machinery for cutting, processing, welding, assembling and painting each piece, before delivery and installation on your plot.

In addition to the architectural and urban plans, Elymet undertakes the provision of all the necessary permits (urban planning, residential, etc.). Your home is delivered three months after the plan and the down payment. After purchase and installation, we provide any technical support needed.

Starting from a white empty panel, we create complete and economical housing solutions for everyone.